YWCA Donors

We love our donors! YWCA donors support about 14 percent of the costs of carrying out our mission of eliminating racism and empowering women.

If you would like to donate to the YWCA, visit this link. To discuss all possibilities, email Fund Development Director Alex J. Hayes at ahayes@ywcagettysburg.org.

Thank you all for your support!

The YWCA Gettysburg & Adams County takes great pride in maintaining accurate donor records. If you believe we have erred, please email nlilley@ywcagettysburg.org.

Adams County Community Foundation
Robert C. Hoffman
Rotary Club of Gettysburg
Thomas L. Cline Foundation
County of Adams
Foursquare Church
Wellspan Health
T. Rowe Price Charitable Giving – In honor of Jane Lordeman by Ann Lordeman
T. Rowe Price Charitable Giving – in memory of Erma Lordeman by Ann Lordeman
Fidelity Charitable – In honor of my hard-working and very generous sister, Jane Lordeman who inspires all of her siblings (By James and Betty Lordeman)
Adams County Community Foundation Giving Spree – Thanks to the 154 community members who gave over $40,000 to us through this event!

C.E. Williams Sons, Inc.
Sites Realty,Inc.
Rice Fruit Company
Wolfe, Rice, Quinn, LLC
Adams Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Wellspan Health
Alam B Roofing
Advent Partners
Gettysburg Dental Associates/Just Kids
Shipley Energy

Racial Justice Programs
In memory of Dr. Nanette Hatzes, advocate for the arts and education aimed at the empowerment of the underprivileged(By Paul & Sarah Stokely)
In honor of Julia Falk (By Yoga Class)
Tommy’s Pizza/Fourscore Beer – “Black is Beautiful” beer campaign
Vida Charter School

Women’s Empowerment
In honor of Dr. Temma Berg, Emeritus Professor of English & Women, Gender, And Sexuality Studies (By Paul & Sarah Stokely)

Encore 2021
Remax of Gettysburg
Gettysburg Animal Hospital
OSS Health

Run for Peace
Vida Charter School

Jane Lordeman
Eric & Betsy Meyer
Gettysburg Animal Hospital

Spirit of Gettysburg
R & K Subs
McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC
Hockley & O’Donnell

Summer Camps 2021
Hockley & O’Donnell
Leer Photography

Charter ($500-$999)
Selective Insurance – (2020 Selective Insurance Group Foundation Matching Gift program for President’s Club Agents – in honor of Hockley & O’Donnell
Tommy’s Pizza/Fourscore Beer

Supporting (<$100)
York White Rose Wanderers
EITC (Pre-K Scholarships)
BB & T
M & T Bank
Capital Blue Cross
York Water Company

In-Kind Gifts and Services
Animal Wellness Clinic
Aura Integrative Medicine
Child Care Consultants
Freedom Landscapes
Gettysburg Day Spa
Scott & Company Fine Jewelers
State Farm Insurance

Advocates ($1000+)
John Dewar
Janet Dewar
Ruth Mink
Lois Starkey
Mary Turk-Meena
Emily Rice-Townsend
Tom & Carol Deloe
Rukhsana Rahman
Barclay Brooks
Sharon Magraw
Jane Lordeman

Charter ($500-$999)
Peggy Bosch
Linda & Ray Fauth
Josh Hamilton
Conni Petrie
Jim Henry
Betsy Meyer
Anne Simpson In memory of Janet Dewar
Patricia Vanbuskirk
Adam & Diane Wasserman
Sara Rohr
Joseph Jones
Laurie Stover
Carolyn & Norman Nunamaker
Linda & Pat Raymond
Dennis Steinauer

Pacesetter ($250 – $499)
Richard Hartman
Barbara Neth
Shirley Golden
Patty Hinkle
Gail Jones
Susan Redding
Sarah Stokely
Jean Hobbs
Dotty Dalphon
Mike & Nancy Lilley
Sharon & Dennis Ranney – In memory of Michael Joye, Thomas Bittle, Lawrence Eversole, Ted Kane, Ron Gates

Sustaining ($100-$249)
Nellie Catts
Mary Frances Colvin
Karen Davis
Jessica Dean
Margery Donovan
Anne Douds
Rebecca Fisher
Brion Fitzgerald
Ann Gilbert
Rebecca Goldfield
Patsy Hartnett
Jayne & John Hench
Hazel Hilliard
Elizabeth Ibex
Christine Klunk
Patti Lawson
Nancy Leachman – In honor of Jane Lordeman
Burton Lee
Nancy McMeekin
Sharon Magraw – In memory of Janet Dewar
Glen Morrell – In memory of Janet Dewar
Lynn Ondrizek
Jessica Ritter
Ruth & Mike Shealer
Barbara L. Smith
Elizabeth Smith
William Speer
Shirley Staley
Gretchen Stuempfle
Sue Weaner
Sharon Dayhoff
Yeimi Gagliardi
Mary Malewicki
Faye & Steve Niebler
Gail Hull
Maria Erling
Paige Levan
Susan Roach
Ellen Dayhoff
Judy Morley
Karen & Ed Szoke
Jeanne Duffy
Emily Gerlach

Supporting (<$100)
Mark Purdy
Michael Provencher
Barbara Stokes
Lyne Aurand
Nancy Beattie
Chrisanne Bowden
Drew Harding
Kristin Rice
Denise Royer
Cara Smith
Caitlyn Walters
Abby Apple
Pete Campbell
Cynthia Cogswell
Julie Cohen
Pat Crowner
Thomas Kiniry
Kristin Largen
Jan Underwood
Felicia Yohe
Denise Wood
Frank Ruth
Kevin & Shanna Adler (in honor of Janet Powers)
Archie Graff
Temma Berg
Caro Deardorff
Sue Bucher
Jennifer Dumont
Robert Edlavitch
Martha Raney
Cornelia Saltzman
Antoinette Smith-Elias
Henry Wilson
Nancy & Steve Whitman
Elizabeth Viti
Judith Leslie (In memory of Jim Ibex)
Katy Giebenhain
Alex Hayes
Kristen Mooney
Keith Routson
Kurt Kramer
Frederica Meitzen
Bonnie Richardson
Dora Townsend
Nancy Crawford

Alison Hendon
Amanda Riffey
Kristin Rice
Ann Gilbert
Caitlyn Walters
Darci Haney
Darryl Hardy
Dotty Dalphon
Gerald Hoffman
Jennifer Bruder
Jerry Johnson
John Spears
Judith Butterfield
Julia McGeary
Kalai Wherley
Smitha Nair
Karen Pearce
Katy Giebenhain
Nancy Lilley
Nicole Cupp
Kristin LArgen
Peggy Leister
Roxanne Whitaker
Sara Staub
Linda Raymond
Lynn Hunter
Marcia Roan
Megann Thornton
Susan Cornell
Suzanne Steinour
Tammie Brush-Campbell

Mission Membership Honor Roll
Adams County Community Foundation Staff & Board
Alex Hayes & Ashley Andyshak-Hayes
Ann Van Dykeo
Christine Armstrong
Lyne Aurand
Monica Bajaj
Tara Baugher Family
Temma Berg Family
Bruce Bigelow Family
Christine Biggins
Chrisanne Bowden
Cecelia Brown Family
Lynn Cairns
Gettysburg Connection
Nancy Cook
Jeffrey Cooper
Rayna Cooper
Dotty Dalphon
Linda Denniston
Maria Erling
Julie Falk
Linda Fauth Family
Robin Fitzpatrick
Laura Geesaman Family
Deb Geesey
Carolyn George
Emily Gerlach
Marc Goldman
Chris Goodacre
Brigid Goss
Elizabeth Greene
Julie Haller
Cathy Harner
Barbara and Scott Hartman Family
Carol Hegeman Family
Kathleen Heidecker Family
Diana Henne
James Henry
Ross Hetrick
Patty Hinkle
Robin Hsu
Gail Hull
Gail Jones
Chris Kellett
Karen Landry
Patti Lawson
Ruth Lewis
Rae Lilley-McKee Family
Mike & Nancy Lilley
Jane Lordeman Family
Sharon Magraw Family
Debbie March Family
Donald and Harriet Marritz Family
Betsy Meyer
Peter Miele Family
Judy Morley
Smitha Nair Family
Faye & Steve Niebler
Carolyn Nunamaker
Alan & Jane Patrono Family
Dorothy Puhl
Mark & Sharon Purdy Family
Rukhsana Rahman
Linda Raymond
Kristin Rice Family
Emily Rice-Townsend Family
Janet Riggs
Denise Royer
Cynthia & David Salisbury Family
J.R. Scappini
Danny Sebright
Ralph Serpe & Brian Tate
Megan Shreve
Cara Smith Family
Beverly Sontheimer
Kim Stahl
Sarah Stokely Family
Laurie Stover
Mike & Mardie Strong Family
Gretchen Stuempfle
Karen & Edward Szoke
Lynda Taylor Family
Teresa Rodgers
Laurel Thrasher
Dora and David Rice- Townsend
Rose Tripi Family
Jenn Vintigni
Keith Welsh
Nancy & Steve Whitman
Suzanne Williams
Denise Wood
Felicia Yohe
Judy & David Young Family
Kara Young

Endowment Donors
In memory of Janet Dewar: John Dewar; Margaret Dewar; Janet Dewar, Jr.; Eleanor Pella; Deb Geesey