Elderhostel began in 1975 and in July 2010 the name was changed to Road Scholar in an effort to attract younger generations to the “Adventures in Lifelong Learning” experience.

“We had a wonderful time.  I can appreciate why this program is so popular.  It was a great experience.” Roger, IA

“What an outstanding program!  Good value for the money.  This program exceeded our expectations and was very worthwhile.” Kathy, MI

“The balance between class and field trips helped clarify the battle’s events and troops movements.” Louise, VA

“I will recommend this program to all of my friends because of the superior organization, the excellent hotel location and facilities and the unique wireless amplification system.” Ed, ME

“I learned so much about the battle and the affect on the area.  I loved hearing about the people who lived here and what the war did to the town.” Chuck, PA

“This mini-program was top-notch, most informative, full of content, and well-planned.  Thanks for a great experience.” George, CA

“This has been the best Elderhostel we have attended out of six.  It ran so smoothly, the instructors were all very knowledgeable and interesting.  We learned so much and had a good time.” Alice, NC

“Excellent organization, ‘Snapshot’ concept is great.  We often do not have time for a ‘full’ program.” Doris, FL

“Excellent program, would recommend without reservation.” Roger, MO

“I wasn’t a civil war buff before this Elderhostel but you peaked my interest to learn more.” Wayne, WI

“One of the best Elderhostels we have attended in the past 14 years of our attending many programs.  The accommodations, food, instructors, field trips, free time and entertainment were all 5 star!  Very well organized week.” Stan & Bernie, IL

“We would like to express our appreciation for a wonderful week in Gettysburg.  This was an outstanding program, well coordinated with terrific subject matter.” Berton, NY

“Thank you for the best Intergenerational Elderhostel ever.  Having taken 7 with grandchildren I can say that.  The coordinators went out of their way to make us feel comfortable and take care of our needs.” Barbara, ME

“Fred & I enjoyed our Elderhostel and was beyond our expectations.  We talked up our trip when in Maryland.  Many had been there and agreed on it as a wonderful experience.  Thank you for a wonderful time and to your staff and volunteers.” Kay, OH

“Thank you to all of the staff for a very special Elderhostel week in Gettysburg.  The learning experience was truly fabulous.  The knowledge and enthusiasm of the instructors was contagious!” Phyllis, NY