Stand Against Racism

PLEDGE AGAINST RACISM — Pictured signing the YWCA Gettysburg & Adams County’s Pledge Against Racism are, from left, YWCA Human Resources Director Drew Harding, YW Executive Director Deb Geesey, YW Finance Director Mike Dorsette, and YW Deputy Director Carly Sterner. Pledges will be available at the YWCA, HACC Gettysburg Campus, United Lutheran Seminary’s Gettysburg Campus, and Gettysburg College from April 26 to 29 for the public to sign.
YWCA Gettysburg & Adams County calls all individuals to join it in taking a Stand Against Racism between April 26 to 29. Stand Against Racism will unite our community in a bold demonstration that delivers a clear message: we are on a mission to eliminate racism.
“YWCAs across the world, in cooperation with many partner organizations and individuals, have made much progress in the fight against racism but we still have much work to do. The YWCA’s tagline is not ‘reduce racism’ it is ‘eliminate racism.’ We invite our neighbors to join us in our mission,” said YWCA Gettysburg & Adams County Executive Director Deb Geesey.
From Thursday through Sunday, events are anticipated in nearly every state across the country including public policy advocacy, community education, and public proclamations.
In Adams County, the YW will display pledges against racism at the YWCA on Fairfield Road, HACC Gettysburg Campus, Gettysburg College and United Lutheran Seminary’s Gettysburg campus.
The YWCA and the Middle East Justice and Peace Group of South Cental PA will host a free showing of “Hidden Figures,” the story of a team of female African-American mathematicians who served a vital role in NASA during the early years of the U.S. space program, on Saturday at the United Lutheran Seminary’s Valentine Hall at 1 p.m.
Following the film, a panel of distinguished women in STEAM fields will lead a discussion on race and gender during the civil rights movement and today.
Seating is limited. Popcorn and refreshments will be provided. RSVP to Nancy Lilley at or 717-334-9171, ext. 115.


Stand Against Racism is a signature program of YWCA USA.

Take the Pledge to Eliminate Racism!
Mindful of the continuing affliction of institutional and structural racism as well as the daily realities of all forms of bias, prejudice and bigotry in my own life, my family, my circle of friends, my co-workers and the society in which I live, with conviction and hope

I take this pledge, fully aware that the struggle to eliminate racism will not end with a mere pledge but calls for an ongoing transformation within myself and the institutions and structures of our society.

I pledge to look deeply and continuously in my heart and in my mind to identify all signs and vestiges of racism; to rebuke the use of racist language and behavior towards others; to root out such racism in my daily life and in my encounters with persons I know and with strangers I do not know; and to expand my consciousness to be more aware and sensitive to my use of overt and subtle expressions of racism and racial stereotypes;

I pledge to educate myself on racial justice issues and share what I learn in my own communities even if it means challenging my family, my partner, my children, my friends, my co-workers and those I encounter on a daily basis

I pledge, within my means, to actively work to support public policy solutions that prominently, openly and enthusiastically promote racial equity in all aspects of human affairs; and to actively support and devote my time to YWCA, as well as other organizations working to eradicate racism from our society.

YWCA USA is on a mission to eliminate racism and empower women. I join YWCA in taking a stand against racism today and every day.

*This pledge has been adapted by YWCA USA from the Pledge to Eliminate Racism in My Life, YWCA Bergen County which is an adaptation of the Pledge to Heal Racism in My Life, Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace, April 10, 2006.