Our Team

Dotty Dalphon

Executive Director

Believer. Business enthusiast. Ringleader. Optimist. People lover. Creatrix: Wife, Mom, Mimi. Coffeeholic. Born a Jersey Girl.

Mike Dorsette

Director of Finance and Administration

Randy Gray

Executive Assistant

Drew Harding

Human Resources Manager

Director of Human Resources. Witty, quick, sharp, anxious. Doer, green thumb, big picture, thinker. French fries, blue, driving, technology, exercise.

Alex Hayes

Coordinator of Special Events and Public Relations

Optimist. Community-minded. Wife and dog lover. Uncle. People enthusiast. Multi-tasker. News junkie. Coffee in the morning, beer in the evening.

Jen King

Sports & Fitness Director

Mark Mellon

Aquatics Director

Lifelong Swimmer. Traveler. Uncle of 5. Beach Bum. Veteran. Gamer. Amateur Chef. Husky Dad. Jeep Enthusiast. HGTV Fanatic

Kristen Mooney

Membership Director

Membership Master. Reliable, sociable, daughter, wife, mother, creative, advocate, honest, imaginative, empathetic.

Nancy Lilley

Advocacy Director

Daughter of a WV hillbilly and a Hiroshima bombing survivor. Bossy (out of necessity) wife, tried-hard mom, loyal friend. Mimi to Miss Vera. Retired Teacher. Activist, Advocate, Ally. Lifelong volunteer. Wannabe traveler. Lover of reading, cats, Netflix, and spaghetti. Warning: Selectively OCD.

Teresa Rodgers

Child Enrichment Program Administrative Director

Karina Padilla

Children and Youth Director

Lisamarie Baer

Childcare Director at Adams Commerce Center

Bud Glass

Facilities Director

Other Important Contact Information

Megan Maslowski
Sharks Swim Team Head Coach

YWCA Child Enrichment Program at Fairfield Elementary

Fitness desk
ext. 145