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Welcome to the YWCA!  With more than 3,500 members representing all populations of Adams County,  we truly offer “Something For Everyone!” YWCA rec pass members enjoy many amenities housed within a single facility – many of which are not available at any other location in Adams County.

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Spring 2016 Member Spotlight: Leslie Horneman

HornemanMy fitness journey began on a bench in the hallway at the YWCA. I sat on that bench and watched my little girl do Zumba for at least six months, it may have been a year. I did nothing but sit in my own little world. All the instructors tried to get me in there with her, but I was content with being that woman on the bench that many walked by and did not notice. There are defining moments in our lives, and what we do with them is up to us. That moment came to me when Allison Kelley walked up to me and said “hey, your granddaughter is doing a great job in there!” Nothing but smiles for this statement now, because now this “mom” can run in to town with Allison and back to the YW for a class. Another one of those moments was when I was hanging out at the YW waiting for Zumba to start and the Rebert sisters were ready to take a HIIT class with the very talented AmyBeth Hodges. They once again questioned me, “Why are you on the bench? Come take this class with us.” You guessed it, I did and it pushed me that much further into a healthy lifestyle. I am sharing all this and being so transparent because if you are at that place on a bench somewhere, or you have just begun and may be feeling frustrated, I encourage you to not give up! I have a young one to whom I want to pass along an example of a healthy lifestyle. My biggest changing point and why I think this will stick is I finally realized there is no arrival date. I will never arrive! Sure there are goals along the way. The numbers on the scale start looking better. The most important “ah ha” moment was learning it is a lifestyle! I don’t share for a “that a girl,” I share in case someone may be sitting on that bench like I was and is not content with going unnoticed anymore. There is a confidence and a jump in your step when you are feeling good and taking the time to care for yourself. The benefits outweigh the cons, and I plan to be around and to not have to say no to any activity my 9-year-old may want me to participate in. I have made many new friends along this journey. It was a year in October since I got off that bench.