100 Mile Swim Challenge

100 Mile Swim Challenge

November 2020 – May 2021 

*Challenge Extended 1-Month to May, Due To 3-Week Shutdown Over Holidays*

6 Months to Swim 100 Miles!

Challenge Information

  • 15 years+ welcome to participate!
  • All swim styles and techniques welcome! From the doggy paddle to any swim strokes. The technique is not important; just the distance!
  • Simply keep track of the laps you swim during each workout and record the laps/or meters you swam on our white board located next to the women’s locker room.
  • You may join in the challenge at any time during the 6-month period!

Challenge Reward

Those that complete the 100 Mile Swim Challenge will receive:

  • T-Shirt; Indicating you completed the YWCA 100 Mile Swim Challenge
  • A YWCA Face Mask or YWCA Water Bottle/Wine Tumbler
  • Spotlight Recognition on our Website & Facebook Page
  • Bragging rights that you are now part of the 100 Mile Swim Club!

How Many Laps Are In A Mile?

Length = One end of the pool to other is 25 meters.

Lap = Down and back is 50 meters.

1 Mile = 1,600 Meters = Approximately 64 Lengths or 32 Laps.

100 Miles = 160,000 Meters = Approximately  6,400 Lengths or 3,200 Laps.

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Swimmers Who Have Completed the Challenge

  • Susan Weaner
  • Richard Crouse
  • Kristina Reber
  • Rosie Bolen


Please feel free to reach out to our Aquatics Director, Mark Mellon, via email at mmellon@ywcagettysburg.org or via phone at 717-334-9171 ext. 129 with any questions you have about the challenge! Best of luck to all the swimmers participating!